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Referencing & Plagiarism

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1.When you do research and put the concepts into your own words then reference it (12)
5.Students who sit exams on behalf of other people (8)
6.Website that sells coursework to students (5,4)
8.An excellent journal is “Journal of _________ and food chemistry” (11)
9.Journal database allowing you to search for articles by the publisher Elsevier (7,6)
11.A search engine that specialise in searching open-access archives (4)
13.Students who work together on a piece of individual academic work (9)
14.Authentication system that allows students to access materials the college has purchased (6)
17.___________ open access is when after publishing a researcher places a free copy of the work in institutional archive (5)
18.South African journal of enology & viticulture (5)
19.Internet-based plagiarism-prevention service that checks work for matches on the internet (4,2,2)
21.A library of electronic books purchased for Plumpton College students (2,8)
2.Very good search engine for academic research (6,7)
3.“and others” (2,2)
4.In Harvard, this comes after the authors (4)
7.Cambridge university with good referencing resources (6,6)
10.A measure of the academic importance of a journal (6,6)
12.Open-access reference manager to organise citations and PDF’s (8)
15.App that scans barcodes and provides a reference (7)
16.General examination and assessment regulations (4)
20.An alternative referencing system to Harvard, used by other institutions (3)

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