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Chapter 20

Brandt McKinzey

1 2   3       4      
      5 6
7           8          
      11 12            
  14       15
18 19  

2.What was Tchaikovsky's sixth symphony called?
7.One of Tchaikovsky's ballets was the
9.How many symphonies did Lizst write?
11.Who is the violinist that Lizst became very fond of?
16.How many operas did Tchaikovsky compose?
17.Term for composers who idealized Russia's distinctiveness
20.Who was the leading Russian composer of the nineteenth century?
1.What instrument was Brahms trained on?
3.How many symphonic poems did Lizst write?
4.Those who sought to adopt Western technology and education
5.Other than symphonies, what type of music did Bruckner compose?
6.Who did Lizst dedicate his Faust symphony to?
8.What type of music was Brahms' personality best expressed through?
10.How many symphonies did Dvorak compose?
12.Who did Brahms compose his choral works for?
13.What form was the finale of Brahms' fourth symphony in?
14.What composer was considered the greatest pianist of his time?
15.How many ballets did Tchaikovsky write?
18.How many symphonies did Tchaikovsky compose?
19.How many symphonies did Brahms compose?

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