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5.wild animals or birds that people hunt for sport or food
6.ask for or request earnestly; beg, plead or request
8.An upward journey
9.To say something that makes somebody stop what they are saying
10.To injure, disable or disfigure
12.An adverb meaning “happening without interruption”
14.At the end of a period of time; finally
16.(of people or animals) to gather together closely, usually because of cold or fear
17.Small and thin in size
19.To make fun of or offend someone
21.A male deer, especially a red deer
22.To run with long steps, especially in an enthusiastic way.
23.Latticework used to support climbing plants
1.A flow of cool air in a room or other enclosed space. Also means one continuous action of swallowing liquid
2.having the same, or nearly the same, meaning
3.Lacking grace or skill in manner or movement or performance
4.Capable of being easily hurt
7.A movement performed with care and skill
11.To take too long to do something; delay
13.The dark outline of a person or an object that you see against a light background
15.very ugly or unpleasant
18.An obstacle e.g. in a race
20.A place where a wild animal sleeps or hides

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