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Jamestown Rading 1

Amy Compton

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9   10              

2.The piece of a company of business so that you own:
6.He was the leader at Jamestown:
8.Things that merchants buy and sell to make money:
9.People who go to a new land or colony to live:
12.The first English settlement in North America:
13.Written permission to do something:
14.To put money into a business with the goal of earning more money later as the business grows:
1.The English settlement in North America that didn't fail:
3.He gave permission to the Virginia Company of London:
4.A crop that people to grow to sell for money:
5.Something that you can't explain easily; you have look for clues to figure it out:
7.Someone who buys and sells goods:
9.To stay alive:
10.Cash Crop that John Rolfe learned about from the Powhatans:
11.An area of land that is owned by another country; Jamestown, Virginia was one of these:

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