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Jazz Vocab

Kiaraaa Barclayyy

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1.Cross behind, Slide, cross in front. Alternating feet
4.To Glide (Degage)
6.Full turn on 2 feet
8.1/2 turn on 2 legs
9.Movment of two parts of the body at a time
13.Split leap
14.Foot held to ankle (Neck of the foot)
17.A position which one foot is in front with the knee bent, while the other is back with the leg straight
18.To draw up
19.A side stepping movement initiated by an exaggerated lean into hip with foot sliding across the floor
21.A movement of one body part at a time
2.3 step linking on balls of feet
3.Standing leg bent working leg bent with the toe on the floor
5.Transfer of weight on balls of feet
6.To Chase (One foot chases the other)
7.Full turn on 1 leg
10.A hop on one foot while the other remains in retire
11.Emphasis given to off beat
12.To Rise
15.To Bend
16.To Stretch
20.A jump on one foot

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