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Human System


Grade 6 lesson ~its easy~ Circulatory System

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5.A cell shaped like a donut without a hole._________ Cell
7.A Disease caused by lack of iron in the blood
8.The Blood System releases carbon dioxide and gets oxygen from the ____
9.When excessive or too much force is exerted against the artery walls as the heart pumps blood
10.thick-walled blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart.
12.Flaps of tissue that open and close
13.Eat a ________ diet
15.RBD are Produced in the __________
16.Smallest blood vessel in the body
17.Tiniest Solid Particles in the Blood which Clot the blood whenever you get injured
20.Avoid ________ alcohol
21.Act as Soldiers of the Body and protect the body from diseases.________Cell
25.Largest vein in the body
1.Caused by Poor Diet or by Chronic Disease.
2.where fatty deposits develop in the artery walls which cause these to harden
3.A Heart _______ takes place when fatty elements clog or fill up the heart or coronary arteries
4.Carries Blood back to the heart
6.is a type of cancer which affects the blood or bone marrow
11._______,a protein that attracts and holds oxygen molecules, contains iron and makes blood red
14._______ system carries food and oxygen to the diff. cells of the body
18.Avoid _______
19.Blood ______ is the push of blood against the walls of the blood vessels
22.The Pump of The Circulatory System is the ________
23.It is called the red river of life.
24.Largest Artery in the body

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