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lesson two

chase graetz

help with the vocabulary of lesson two for microsoft word.

1 2
3     4 5
        7 8  
  12         13         14
15             16  

6.were the text lines up with the margins and tabs
10.changes made to the apearence
11.a list that uses bullets
12.changes size of character
13.font size measure
15.distance from left or right of the edge of document
17.design of the words and letters
18.a list that has a special order
1.adds styles quck and easy
2.affect that can be added to the font
3.space between edge of the page and text
4.defined formatting
5.a letter symbol or puncuation mark
7.informal note to one or more people
8.tool taht copys formating
9.over all design
14.setting that sets were the tab goes
16.symbol used in unorderd lists

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