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Social Studies Review Crossword


Hint: (If an answer is two words, do NOT put a space in the crossword)

  2 3 4
5 6                          
  9     10                            
      12           13  
14 15        
        17       18  

6.After the British put a tax on Tea, the colonists showed that they didn't like this tax in the _____________ _____ __________.
8.The turning point in the French & Indian War was when the British won battles at Fort ______________ and Louisburg.
9.The __________________ __ _______ said that all land west of the Appalachian Mountains was for the Native Americans.
11.During the French & Indian war, it was the ____________ and the ___________ against the British and the colonists.
12.The ____________ Ocean is off of the coast of North Carolina.
17.In North America, the natives relyed on _____________ as their staple crop for food.
19.Unlike in America, Europeans learned to _________________ animals so they could use them for food, to help them prepare fields for crops, and to move things.
20.When looking at a map, the _______________ ______________ shows the cardinal directions (N,S,E,W).
21.Also known as corn. Natives introduced this crop to Europeans.
22.The _________________ was a trade route from Asia to the Middle east.
1.The beliefs, traditions, music, art, and social groups of people
2.The Inca, in South America, relyed on ____________ as their staple crop for food.
3.In Europe, civilization relyed on _____________ as their staple crop for food.
4.The goal of the _____________________ Congress was to discuss a group resistance against the British.
5.The French & Indian War spread to Europe but in Europe it was called The _________________ war.
7.During the French & Indian War, it was the French and the Indians agains the ___________ and the ____________.
10.A Spanish explorer of the Americas in search of gold and glory.
13.A resistance to disease can also be called an _____________ to disease.
14.A journey for a specific purpose is called an _______________.
15.The French & Indian War began at Fort Deuquesne which is at the ___________ of the ________ River.
16.A woven belt used to symbolize war, peace, and friendship.
18.British soldiers were often called ______________s because of their scarlet jacket.

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