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Chapter 18 Empires of Asia 1350-1850

Cotton Weary

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24             25       26     27  

2.This country colonized Vietnam and converted many to Catholicism
3.This group from the north conquered the Ming Dynasty
6.The former name of the city of Istanbul
10.The name of the Kingdom founded by Phraya Chakkri
12.Powerful shogun who brought order to Japan
14.The last dynasty to rule China
15.Won the Battle of Panipat
17.Was the son of Mongkut
19.Lowest class in Japanese society during Tokugawa rule
20.What the blue stripe on the flag of Thailand represents
21.Ieyasu and Hideyoshi viewed this religion as a threat
24.This order of Catholics converted people in China and Japan
25.Belief that living and nonliving things have a spirit or a soul
28.River that borders Laos and Thailand
29.Founded a colony in the Philippines in 1565
30.A cash crop grown in China
1.Strait that seperates Indonesia from Malaysia
4.The twelve year cycle of snakes, rabbits, dragons, boars and etc...
5.Religious advisors for the Ottoman Turks
7.Beverage used by the Japanese to greet visitors
8.Buddhist monk who established the Ming Dynasty
9.A type of Japanese poem
11.Was converted to a Mosque by the Ottoman Turks
13.This is a type of Chinese ship
16.Leader of Chinese exploration of Africa, India and the Middle East
18.Currently the largest religious group in India
22.Conquered most of Northern India & pillaged Delhi
23.Religious group that caused the Mogul Empire to decline in the 1600s
26.Unified Persia under Shiite Islam
27.Chinese word that means brilliant

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