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1st Quarter Test Review

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  43           44                          
45       46              

2.White Southerner who joined the Republican Party
5.the first African-American U.S. senator
10.gave federal land to the states to help finance agricultural colleges
12.Changed the Constitution to allow African American citizenship
13.The branch of government that enforces the laws
16.Constitutional Amendment that freed the slaves
17.The Great Strike of 1877 took place
19.Elevators and steel supports helped make this land-save possible
20.president who favored the lenient Ten-Percent Plan for Reconstruction
24.Northerner who moved to the South after the war
25.This colonel’s bad judgment in attacking Native American warriors at the Little Bighorn River resulted in his death and that of all his troops.
27.Scottish immigrant who made a fortune in steel and donated most of his profits
30.A railroad that crosses the entire country
32.This leader of the Hunkpapa Sioux never signed the Treaty of Fort Laramie. He helped to defeat the U.S. Army at the Little Bighorn, toured in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show for awhile, encouraged the Ghost Dance movement, and was eventually killed during an attempt by reservation police to arrest him.
33.This term is used to refer to any system of separating people on the basis of race
35.Legal process to formally charge the president with misconduct in office
36.railroad-car mogul who built a town to house his employees
39.Name of union led by Gompers
40.provided warmth but no protection from snakes and insects
41.plan that sought to abolish Native Americans’ traditional cultures
42.Signaled an end to Reconstruction
43.made it possible to construct skyscrapers
44.Set of amendments passed to protect individual rights
46.One company controls all factors of production
47.offered 160 acres of land free to any head of household
49.Amendment to the Constitution that gave blacks the right to vote
50.created trusts and was criticized as a robber baron while serving as head of the Standard Oil Companycreated trusts and was criticized as a robber baron while serving as head of the Standard Oil Company
51.Democratic candidate for president in 1876 who won the popular vote but lost the election
1.law that allowed white settlers to take much of the land set aside for Native Americans
3.developed a cheap and effective manufacturing process for making steel
4.These pioneer aviators helped make airmail possible
6.slaughter of 300 unarmed Native Americans that marked the end of the Indian wars in 1890
7.marked the end of the wars between the federal government and the Plains Indians
8.Labor union leader
9.This ritual was supposed to restore the Native American way of life.
11.Laws enacted in many Southern states that discriminated against African Americans
14.African-American settlers in the West
15.Republican who became president in 1876 through a deal between Party leaders
18.Process in which companies producing similar products merge
21.Buying out raw materials produces and distributors
22.The branch of government that makes laws
23.Where the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads met
26.Period of rebuilding the nation after the Civil War
28.The branch of government that interprets the laws and the Constitution
29.This is the vast grassland extending through the west-central portion of the United States.
31.allowed the cattle business to flourish by providing a route to a shipping yard in Abilene, Kansas
34.System in which landowners leased a few acres of land to farmworkers in return for a portion of their crops
37.1868 treaty in which the Sioux agreed to live on a reservation
38.perfected the incandescent light bulb
45.To refuse to buy certain goods
48.opened the way for worldwide communications with invention of the telephone

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