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2 3                  
  5                 6
  7           8  
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3.the prayer of sorrow for our sins and the sins of others
5.constantly eating and refusing to share
7.thing you are better than others and mocking them
10.title early Christians gave to Jesus's entrustment with his disciples
12.Baptism of Jesus,wedding of Cana,proclamation of the kingdom
14.always listening to others and acting as Gods servent
15.a prayer worshiping God for his greatness
16.greek word for "change of heart" or "penance"
1.difficulty to pray truly to God
2.Resurrection of Christ, assention into heaven, descent of the lady spint at the Pentecost Marys assumtion into heaven, crowning as the queen of heaven and earth
4.Happiness in response to anothers sucess
6.hatred of the sin you committed
7.of communication to God to thank him, or ask him for something
8.prayer of gratitude for all his gifts.
9.mind and heart focus on Gods greatness and love for him
11.prayer of requesting whats needed for our salvation
13.a form of prayer to try and find our how god wants us to live

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