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Baptism Of Jesus - Listen to Him

Dave Jones

To help people to learn English through the Bible.

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1.Using your face muscles to show you are pleased.
3.To be loved in a special way - verse 22
5.Many people - verse 21
7.Saying hello using both arms to embrace
9.Dividing a cake with 4 people
14.When we speak to each other
15.One word said as greeting
17.Saying hello, how are you? or are you well?
18.Use words to speak to each other
2.You can have good or bad ways of behaving
4.Opposite to hated - verse 22
6.Saying hello using one hand
7.Jesus, God and - - - - - - - - - - verse 21
8.The place where God lives - verse 21
10.The Holy Sprit came down - verse 22
11.Opposite to closed verse 21
12.Talking to God - verse 21
13.To be covered by water Luke 3 verse 21
16.Happiness - verse 22

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