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Chapter 5 Populations and Communities

Sarah Covarrubias

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1.Pg 105 ___________ Growth-- population growth that starts with a minimum number of individuals and reaches a maximum number depending on the carrying capacity of the habitat
4.Pg 110 One organism feeds on another organism
7.Pg 109 The evolution of two or more species that is due to mutual influence
9.Pg 111 A relationship between 2 species in which both species benefit (are helped)
10.Pg 106 Nonliving factors that affect population size
2.Pg 111 2 species have a relationship, 1 benefits and the other is not helped or harmed
3.Pg 109 One organism killing and eating another organism for food
5.Pg 103 a group of organisms of the same species that live in a specific area and interbreed
6.Pg 106 Living factors that affect population size
7.Pg 104 ______________ Capacity-- the largest population that an environment can support at any given time
8.Pg 111 A relationship in which 2 species live in close association with each other

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