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Manuual Handling Update

Andrea Field

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4.The Spinal Column is comprised of small individual bones called .........
6.It is a ......... practice to drag a person up the bed.
9.How many Disposable Slide Sheet's do you need to slide a person up the bed?
10.Part of the free standing hoist that must never be utilised whilst in use.
11.Is the Rotastand used for transferring or transporting the patient?
13.A large flat piece of equipment used for transferring the supine (lying) patient.
14.Position of the feet when sliding a patient up the bed.
15.A Manual Handling Risk Assessment must be carried out within 12 hours of the patients arrival. TRUE or FALSE
16.The area most prone to injury in the spinal column is the ...... region.
17.You are taller in the morning than in the evening? TRUE or FALSE
1.What does SWL stand for?
2.The correct size of ..... should be established prior to hoisting.
3.A third of 16 - 24 year olds suffer with back pain? TRUE or FALSE
5.Risk assessment Acronym.
7.Word used to describe fitting the job to the person and not the person to the job.
8.A piece of equipment often used for seated transfers.
12.Correct position of your back when moving a load.
16.Regulation for safety of lifting equipment.

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