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A Doll's House - Acts I and II

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3.Nora is trying to keep up a ______
6.How Mrs Linde describes her life - "unutterably _____"
8."Krogstad has been _____ his own children for years"
9.Nora constantly refers to the idea of a _____ in Act Two
10.The atmosphere within the house
12.The type of society that Nora is considered to being living in
13.Dr Rank: "Even those with a moral _____ are no different"
15.The act Nora committed to try and save Torvald
16.Krogstad uses _____ against Nora
17.A word typical of Nora's idiolect
18.What Nora asks Torvald for in Act One
1.Nora would "simply love to say ____"
2.The play's genre of theatre
4.The idea that immorality is ______
5.A key symbol throughout the play
7.Prominent theme throughout the play
10.Act One is set on ______
11.Nora claims she has no _______ over Torvald
14.Nora's way of manipulating Torvald
15.Nora's behavior with Dr Rank

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