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head face and neck, lymphatics


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1.bulging eyeballs
6.lymph node just above and behind the clavicle, at the sternomastoid muscle
8.lymph node superficial to the mastoid process (2 Words)
9.lymph node in the posterior triangle along the edge of the trapezius muscle (2 Words)
11.lymph node in front of the ear
15.abnormally large head
18.enlargement of the lymph nodes due to infection, allergy, or neoplasm
21.blowing, swooshing sound heard through the stethoscope over an area of abnormal blood flow
22.head tilt due to shortening or spasm of one sternomastoid muscle
2.lymph node overlying the sternomastoid muscle (2 Words)
3.edematous swelling and ecchymosis of the presenting part of the head caused by birth trauma (2 Words)
4.lymph node under the angle of the mandible
5.increase in size of thyroid gland that occurs with hyperthyroidism
7.a subperiosteal hemorrhage, a result of birth trauma- soft, fluctuant, well defined over one cranial bone
8.puffiness around eyes (2 Words)
10.lymph node, midline, behind the tip of the mandible
12.abnormally small head
13.round symmetric skull that is appropriately related to body size
14.lymph node halfway between the angle and the tip of the mandible
16.lymph node deep under the sternomastoid muscle (2 Words)
17.difficulty in swallowing
19.lymph node at the base of the skull
20.illusory sensation of either the room or one's own body spinning; it is not the same as dizziness

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