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1.still in touch with the world
3.12th lunar month in Thailand, Candles are lit and floated down a river
6.full moon in march, proclame Buddhism principles, Sermon on the basis of success, Day of offering the monks
8.An ordained monk who has left his home
12.Full moon in July, Celebrate Siddhartha’s sermon, The Sangha Aswell as teachings of the buddha
13.represents holiness, enlightenment and purity
2.Poverty, Celibacy, Inoffensiveness
4.Also called “mind maps”, Destroyed upon completion
5.burning into ashes, preformed in Buddhist Funerals
7.“In this world hate never dispelled hate. Only love dispels hate.” “Anger is like a chariot careering wildly. He who curbs his anger is the true charioteer. Others merely hold the reins.”
9.The Buddha
10.The first sermon of Siddharth
11.Source of Siddhartha`s teachings, Also is called Pali Canon, Also referred to as the Three Baskets of Wisdom

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