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Legal Forms of Business

M Bouquet

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7.Where the legal status of the business is the same as the owner?
11.A business that sells a licence in order that other can use its trading name and business model?
12.Number of owners in a Sole trader business?
13.They are usually more ambitious and hard working than some employees?
15.L of Ltd ?
17.Minimum number of owners in a partnership?
19.What dictates the amount of profits received by owners in a plc or Ltd?
20.--- --- profit is a business that concentrates on other objectives than profit (3,3)?
21.The original funds put into a business?
1.When the business has a seperate legal identity to the owners?
2.What aggreement is recommended when two to 20 owners join forces?
3.Plc's and Ltd's are --------- to set up?
4.What type of business is a Plc ?
5.This is the level of difficulty in establishing a sole trader and partnership?
6.Very few need to be obeserved for setting up a sole trader and partnership?
8.Plc's and Ltd are likely to employ people with these?
9.A fast food brand that uses the franchise business model?
10.What type of limited business is a Ltd.?
14.Partnerships lack this when an owner dies?
16.Sole traders find it hard to raise this?
18.Ray that originanted the idea of franchises for fast food?

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