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Driver Education Five

2   3         4
5     6      
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  11 12                  

2.Park as close as you can to the curb, you must not park more than __ ______ away.
6.Never make a last minute _______
8.The driver of the car being passed must ___ increase speed.
12.Another name for highway.
13.Do not cross, drive or park on the _______ strip.
14.On the highway, if you pass your exit, you must go to the ____ one.
15.In case of an emergency, raise your ______, and tie a white cloth to the antenna or left door handle.
1.Trucks have more blind spots than cars, they have ____.
3.Emergency situation: Turn on your _________ flashers to show you need help.
4.It is not allowed to pass on ________
5.Cars have only _____ blind spots.
7.Pull over to the shoulder of the road in a case of an _______________
9.Highway driving: Stop driving if you feel __________
10.Driving with _______ lights only is against the law.
11.Before making a turn, always ______ to bicyclist, pedestrians and vehicles.

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