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Intelligence Crossword

Nathan T


3 4  
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7                         8                     9     10

2.Fairly large groups with loose rules and relatively changeable memberships are called _____.
6.Delaying the usual committments of adulthood to find one's identity is called a _____.
7.The second stage of post conventional moral reasoning is _____.
11.A term for faithfulness to one's ideals and values is _____.
14.Adolescents who have developed well-defined personal values and self concepts are in a state of _____.
15.Adolescents who simply accept the identity and values they were given in childhood are in a state of _____.
16._____ have a rebellious or antisocial outlook.
19.Defining oneself as bad or as a troublemaker is an example of a _____.
1.An adolescent who fails to get a sense of belonging by identifying with a group is an example of _____.
3._____ is an expert in personality development.
4.The _____ stage includes the ability to reason in abstract ways.
5._____ expanded on Erikson's work.
8.Uncertainty about who you are and what direction you should take is _____.
9.Kohlberg's last stage of moral development is called the _____.
10.Post conventional moral reasoning is subdivided into two stages. The first is _____.
12.The transition that is made through some kind of initiation, or _____.
13.Adolescents who have no clear idea of his or her identity and have no intention of finding that identity are in a state of _____.
17.Developing a sense of yourself as an individual means achieving _____.
18._____ are usually based on common school-related interests.

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