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OT Research


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2.What is secondhand information that is not verified?
4.You are creating a survey to give to residents at an assisted living facility asking about their social participation. The directions are clearly stated at the top of the page, you insure the questions have two spaces between each of them and each question has a range of 1-4 for the participants to circle as the response. All these factors are a part of what process of survey design?
6.A research ______ is defined as an issue or concern in the field of study, perplexing situation without clear solutions, or a gap in the current knowledge.
10.As a student researcher you are interested in the role physical activity plays in managing symptoms in children with ADHD. During the literature review you’ve found that there is a gap in knowledge on the subject. Through this you were able to focus on a specific topic and formulate a research ________ to further the research.
11.An OT is conducting a research study on grip strength at a local college campus. By only including nursing majors in the study what kind of sampling is this?
12.What ethical strategy focuses on do no harm and minimizing harms and maximizing benefits?
15.An OT doing research in an acute burn unit setting is using pain scale to gather information from patients. This scale ranges from 0 being “no pain” to 10 being “worst pain ever.” What kind of research method is this?
17.As a therapist working in a hand clinic you’ve recognized that with the increase use of technology there are some effects on an individual’s hands. You develop a study looking at the relationship between grip strength and time spent using technology. What type of research method is this?
18.When developing a questionnaire looking at the effects of self care on client mood following discharge, you have a combination of open and closed ended questions. You begin you survey with simple questions, an example of one of the questions is have you received occupational therapy services within the past 5 years. What type of question is this?
19.By properly formulating research question and determining what method is appropriate for addressing that question guarantees that you have a __________.
20.As a researcher you are interested in looking at effects of therapy balls as chairs for children with ADHD in local school system. Since you are using minors in your study you must receive what document from their parents before the children may be included in the study?
23.As an OT professor doing research on the amount of hours studied and GPA of OT students. The students that participate in the research study with receive extra credit. The researcher tells all the students about the opportunity giving them all an equal chance to participate. This is an example of what ethical principle?
24.As a new therapist in an outpatient clinic you’ve discussed different treatment strategies with the experienced therapist you work with. One therapist, who was the head of the therapy department, demonstrated a transfer technique you hadn’t seen before. Because you trusted and respected the knowledge of the therapist you took the new technique and applied it without reading any research on the topic. This is an example of what way of know?
25.Intact groups in population are randomly selected, is what kind of sampling?
1.Who funded the first major qualitative study in occupational therapy in clinical reasoning in the early 1990s?
3.What is less expensive, more time efficient, represents the population and determines the meaningfulness and generalizability of a study’s results?
5.Dependent variable, independent variable, hypothesis, and instruments of measure are all _________________ of an experiment.
6.An individual is completing a survey that is asking a combination of structured open and closed ended questions relating to the use of adaptive equipment in their home following a hospitalization. The individual is completing this survey on self-report at their home. These components are all related to the what __________ of survery research.
7.Who introduced single subject research to the rehab professions in the 1980s?
8.A research study is conducted. 50 individuals volunteer for the study, only 10 are needed. The researcher randomly draws names from a hat. After the name is drawn the name is set aside and not placed back in the hat, sampling without replacement, What kind of sampling is this?
9.As a researcher you have are interested in looking at the effects of CIMT on individuals who have had a stroke. You have chosen a quasi-experimental design with two treatment groups. Since you are using humans in your research you must first get your study approved by who?
13.Identify research question, reviewing the literature on the topic, selecting the method, collecting the data, organize, analyze, and interpret the data, and report the research findings. This is the process of what?
14.You’re a researcher wanting to know the effects of splint use on decreasing contractures and you’re collecting data by using a goniometer to gather range of motion, what type of research method would you use?
16.You’re working in a state mental health hospital, you’re interesting the effects of music in group therapy as a relaxation tool before sleep. The research study you have developed has one group who is participating in the music therapy and another group that is serving as the control and not attending the group. What kind of research design is this?
21.The Nazi Doctor influenced the importance of informed consent and avoidance of physical and mental suffering in research. These guidelines come from what code?
22.As a practitioner you’re interested in how physical activity impacts quality of life for patients with a TBI. In order to form your hypothesis, first you must have a what to base your reasoning off of?

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