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Earthquakes and Volcanoes

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1.fault in which the hanging wall has moved downward relative to the footwall (2 Words)
5.a water wave caused by an earthquake, volcanic eruption or landslide
6.a smaller earthquake that follows a more powerful one
10.type of hot spring that shoots water into the air
12.a mountain that forms as continental crust is compresed and rocks bend into large folds (2 Words)
13.the force applied by an object pressing on, pulling on, or pushing against another object
14.in an earthquake, the point underground where the rocks first begin to move
16.dense cloud of superheated gasses and rock fragments that moves quickly downhill from an erupting volcano (2 Words)
17.rain that has became more acidic than normal due to pollution (2 Words)
18.molten rock that reaches a planet's surface through a volcano
19.the vibration caused by an earthquake (2 Words)
20.the zone of seismic and volcanic activity that coincides in general with the margins of the pacific plate (3 Words)
2.a mountain that forms as blocks of rock move up or down along normal faults in areas where the lithosphere is being pulled apart (3 Words)
3.an opening in the crust through which molten rock, rock fragments and hot gasses erupt a mountain built up from erupted materials
4.fault in which the hanging wall has moved downward relative to the footwall (2 Words)
7.fracture in earth's lithosphere along which blocks of rock move past each other
8.an insturment that constantly records ground movements
9.a process in which the shaking of the ground causes loose wet soil to act like a liguid
11.a shaking of the ground caused by the sudden movement of large blocks of rock along a fault
15.the point on earth's surface directly above the focus of an earthquake

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