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First Quarter Review

David Gross

Use your notes to solve the puzzle

1         2             3         4    
5 6                                
  8                     9  
15       16                  
  17               18  
22           23                

1.painted the Sistine Chapel from 1508-1512
3.government controlled by a king or queen
6.created the printing press in 1450
7.religion whose leader/teacher was Muhammad
8.the oldest economic system
11.organization dry up to make and enforce rules for a group of people
12.horizontal lines on a map
13.religion with the most followers
14.shared attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors of a group
15.0 degrees longitude
17.this type of map shows features that humans have created
20.government that controls the economy and political power
22.type of economy that production is based on supply and demand
23.this type of map shows landforms and bodies of water
24.religion whose leader was known as the "enlightened one"
25.person who owes loyalty to the government for protection
2.painter, inventor who created the mona lisa and the last supper paintings
4.discovered the Americas in the 1490s
5.posted 95 theses on church door ushering in the reformation
9.the key for a map; explains the colors and symbols
10.family created for helping bring the renaissance to Europe
16.0 degrees latitude
18.vertical lines on a map
19.One of the five major religions that has the least amount of people
21.country, in Europe, where the renaissance was started

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