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First Quarter Review 8

David Gross

Use your notes to solve the puzzle

1 2
      6         7     8
    10                   11  
12   13        
16                           17      
  18                 19   20          
23                 24          

3.horizontal lines on a map
5.name given to 18th Amendment
6.disease brought by explorers and colonists that killed millions of Native Americans
10.name given to the missing group of people who settled in NC in 1587
14.name given to the president's branch of government
15.word that John White found carved into tree when he returned to his colony
16.the two native americans who returned to England with Armadas and Barlowe
18.vertical lines on a map
20.the key for a map; explains the colors and symbols
22.discovered the Americas in the 1490s
23.means right to vote
24.overseas settlement ruled by the home country
1.people who make a journey for religious reasons
2.this type of map shows features that humans have created
4.first English person born in America
7.this type of map shows landforms and bodies of water
8.name given to the people who wanted to purify the Church of England
9.name given to the movement of people, plants, and ideas between Europe, Africa, and the Americas
11.first 10 Amendments to the US Constitution
12.0 degrees longitude
13.name given to the people who wanted to break away from the Church of England
17.0 degrees latitude
19.legal document that gives permission to create a colony
21.Native American who helped teach the Pilgrims fish and farm

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