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1                   2   3 4
6                   7 8              
9     10         11            
  16           17        
19   20     21            
      22   23 24       25
27           28        
          29 30
31     32            
33     34 35                    
36               37                

1.patterns formed by groups of stars in the night sky
6.large land masses on planet earth
7.animal that eats the remains of animals that have died
9.often the most visible and colorful parts of a flower
11.a rotating column of air that is in contact with the Earth and a cloud
12.statement that summarizes the results of an experiment
13.set of procedures used to test a question
15.structures or behaviors that help organisms to survive
16.made using any of the five senses
18.when light waves bounce off a surface such as a mirror
19.an educated prediction
24.arms and legs are often referred to as these
26.scientific instrument that magnifies organisms or objects
27.measurements obtained in an experiment
32.the search for understanding of the natural world
33.something that has been shown to be true
35.animal that eats plants
36.a group of organisms that can produce offspring with one another
37.anything that causes a living thing to react
38.clusters of billions of stars
2.variable that is different when groups in an experiment are compared
3.not positive or negative
4.process by which new organisms are produced
5.any living thing is called this
8.animal that eats meet
10.a hormone released when someone is under pressure or scared
11.usually written on the top of a graph
14.place with science equipment and where experiments take place
17.the metal that makes up soda cans
19.when there is much water vapor in the air
20.often contain leaves and roots
21.light odorless gas that allows balloons to float
22.diagram with two axes used to show the relationship between two things
23.variable that is measured by the scientists
25.the sun is an average sized one of these
28.someone who uses science and math to design products, machines, or structures
29.the closest plant to the sun
30.smallest units of life that make up all organisms
31.the unit of temperature usually used in biology
34.a major idea in science proven accurate repeatedly

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