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4.An immediate family plus other close relatives (2 Words)
6.Based on a woman's family line
7.A village that trades mainly salt for gold, craved salt
10.An account of the line of ancestry within a family
11.An area of abundant trees and shrubs (2 Words)
13.A story that is usually passed down orally and becomes part of a community's tradition (2 Words)
14.Inheritance of the right to rule
15.The first kingdom that controlled the trans Saharan desert trade route
17.Mali ruler who convinced a Spaniard architect to come back to build Mosques (2 Words)
19.A small community
20.A piece of jewelry used as a charm for protection against evil
1.A payment made by one ruler or country to another for protection
2.A song style in which a singer leads with a call and a group responds (3 Words)
3.After the fall of Ghana this empire rose
5.An area of lush vegetation and year-round rainfall
8.A verbal artist to Mande people, a poet-musician
9.Based on a man's family line
12.The last empire to rule the trans Saharan trade route
16.An area of plentiful gold and the secret gold mines
18.These people created iron tools in iron smelters

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