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Biology - Cells, Microscopes and Living Things

Ian Thompson

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1.These plant organelles use sunlight to make food
4.When a living thing increases in size
7.The bottom of a microscope; the part that rests on the bench
10.When a living organism takes in nutrients
12.These organelles are like little powerhouses that produce energy for the cell
14.The number of hands you always use to carry a microscope
15.When a living thing uses energy from food to carry out activities
16.The first knob you use to focus a microscope (2 Words)
17.Illuminates the specimen on a microscope (2 Words)
20.All living organisms are made of these
21.The second knob you use to focus a microscope (2 Words)
23.The watery gel-like material in the cell
25.The platform of a microscope that the slide is placed on
26.Part of a microscope that connects the base, the stage and the lenses
27.used to rotate the objective lenses on a microscope
28.This organelle is the control centre of the cell
2.Living organisms are organised at the cell level. This is called …. (2 Words)
3.When a living organism removes poisonous substances
5.When a living organism produces a new individual organism
6.You often have three of these on a microscope for different magnification levels (2 Words)
8.Cells, Cells, they’re made of …..
9.These hold the slide in position on a microscope’s stage (2 Words)
11.A characteristic of living organisms – ‘locomotion’
13.The part of a microscope that controls the amount of light reaching the specimen
16.The gate of the cell that controls the movement of materials into and out of the cell (2 Words)
18.The part of a microscope that you look into
19.Surrounds a plant cell, making it stiff and strong (2 Words)
22.The storage tanks in cells; they store food, water and chemicals. Plant cells have one big one
24.Living organisms can respond to …...

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