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Chapter 2 - Age of Exploration

Mr. Brady

1 2             3
  5 6        
        7 8
9                                 10
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16                               17      

1.process or system by which goods and services are produced, sold and bought
4.to travel around
6.traditional story of unknown origin
9.a sea route from the Atlantic to the Pacific that passed through or around North America
13.to give back something taken away
14.Spanish colonists who had been born in Spain
16.Portuguese Explorer who was the first European to travel around the South American continent and into the Pacific
18.importnat element of something
19.not bending, not flexible
20.economic policy in which colonies existed only for the purpose of making the home country rich and powerful
21.large farm worked by laborers who lived who lived on the property
2.Italian explorer who sailed for Spain and made contact with the Americas in 1492
3.a narrow passage that connects two large bodies of water
4.an area that is controlled by or belongs to a country and is usually far away from it
5.Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztec empire
6.Catholic religious settlement
7.Spaish explorer and colonist who surveyed the coast of Central America and became the first European to see the Pacific Ocean
8.English explorer who surveyed New York and what is now called the Hudson river and Hudson Bay
10.Italisn explorer who is credited with being the first European to reach mainland North America
11.Aztec king
12.Spanish soldier-adventurer
15.large land grants that that included the right to demand labor or taxes from Native Americans
17.harmful or bad, not wanted

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