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  6   7    
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3.Often described as smell,see,taste and touch
5.To look at something with difficulty
8.This tree's scienctific name is fagus
9.Gradual incline or decline
10.The act of looking at an object or person
12.Peasant who works for the lord of the manor
13.To project words audibly
14.Past tense of be
15.Past tense of blow
17.Circumference of a circle to its diameter
1.Another word for christmas
2.A way to get to a specific location
3.Flesh side of leather
4.Consequence of an action
5.Very important person in a group/organization
6.Small rowing boat
7.Another word for infertile
11.Technique used most often to create baskets
12.Pair of smaller sized oars
16.An act of patience

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