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American Headway Level 5 (Chapters 1-4)

Jeff Upward

1 2               3  
  5                 6
8           9       10     11
  14 15 16                      
17 18 19                  
  22               23       24          
25               26 27 28       29
33   34                
35           36 37         38
39   40                    
41                 42        
  43             44         45     46      
47               48  
  49               50

2.Lisa's job
4.It will lock and unlock things
5.He works in a tourist office
8.It costs $1.50
9.The name of the island that Seamus McSporran is from
12.He's an Italian chef with a restaurant in London
13.So-young is from this country
16.Seamus does this job at 2pm
19.Lisa Parsons always feels this before a show
20.The Somalian model likes to cook this type of food
21.So-young's teacher's name
22.The the park in New York that So-young thinks is beautiful in the summer
23.Daniela likes to go to the beach a lot because she likes ............................
25.She's from Brazil and like summer best
28.Lisa's brother's job
30.Something to read in your spare time
31.Lisa Parsons does this on weekends
34.The opposite of cheap
35.A country in North America
40.The city in Hungary where Istvan Kis comes from
41.The name of someone who helps people in court
42.It costs four seventy five
43.The country Mr. Binchey is from
44.The name of the city that Pamela Green lives near
46.Meals with their prices are listed on this
47.You need one of these before you watch a movie or fly on a plane
49.The name of the street that Lisa's brother lives in
51.The name of Lisa's brother
52.Capture special moments
53.A language that Mr. Locatelli speaks
1.A country in Central America
3.Alex goes skiing and ........................................
6.The name of the street that Lisa lives in
7.The name given to Friday, Saturday and Sunday
10.The opposite of nice
11.She's a model and a businesswoman
14.She's a teacher from Russia. She's married with two children.
15.The city Mr. Binchey is from
17.Patrick's son-in-law's name
18.Sumalee loves ...................................
24.The name of someone who designs building
26.He's a student from Brazil. He's a student.
27.Lisa's family name
29.The biggest country in the world
32.Istvan likes to play this in his free time
33.Mr. Binchey's first name
36.She's from Thailand and her favorite season is from November to February
37.Lisa Parsons gets one of these from the deli
38.You need these to post letters
39.He's from Canada and his favorite season is Spring
45.Patrick's wife's name
47.Seamus has this many jobs
48.Mr. Diaz lives in this town
50.People from this country say "Bonjour"

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