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Demi Lovato

S. Marchand.

This puzzle is about ms. Demi Lovato

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    5 6        
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14 15         16 17
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1.What state was she born in?
6.True or false?: Gonna Get caught was a single of of her 1st album?
9.What city?
11.How old is she?
12.True or false: Here We Go Agian was released on July 21,2009?
13.True or false?: Her eyes are blue?
18.What album is the hit single Give Your Heart A Break from?
19.True or false?: Her younger sisters name is Dallas Lovato?
20.Whats the name of her 2nd album?
21.What year was Camp Rock released in?
23.How many biological sisters does she have?
24.How many Camp Rock movies were there?
26.How many half sisters does she have?
27.Her show on disney channel was called?
29.True or false?: She dated Joe Jonas?
30.Whats the name of her 4th album?
31.What Color are her eyes?
32.Whats the name of her 1st album?
2.How old was she when she went into rehab?
3.What age(s) was she on barney?
4.Whats her full name?
5.True or false?: Skyscraper was a single from her 3rd album?
7.What are her fans called?
8.She stared in camp rock at the age of?
10.What was the date Unbroken was released on?(mm,dd,yy)
12.True or false?: Her tour for 2014 is called The Neon Light Tour?
13.True or false?: She was born on Sept. 20 1982?
14.Whats the name of her 3rd album?
15.What is her natural hair color?
16.What is the name od her older sister?
17.Who is her best friend?
21.What year was Camp Rock 2:The Final Jam released in?
22.The single Get Back was from what album?
25.How many albums has she released?
26.True or false?: Her dad died when she was 20?
28.What company did she use to work for?

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