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U.S. Congress

Tephy Syrabouth

Find the words that correspond with the correct sentences.

1 2
6     7             8     9                    
16                                 17          

3.Which amendment gave the District of Columbia 3 electors for a total of 538 electors?
6.What is the percentage of members present on the floor?
8.Who is the head of the senate?
11.How many House of Representatives are there?
13.Who is the head of the House of Representatives?
15.How many senators are there?
16.The British Parliament consisted of two houses since the 1300's and many colonial assemblies were similar in form
17.How old do you have to be in order to serve as an U.S. Senator?
1.A bicameral legislature was necessary to compromise the Virginia and New Jersey plans of representation
2.What is the salary of both houses of Congress per year?
4.How old do you have to be in order to serve as an House of Representatives?
5.Where did the three electors come from in the Electoral College since there's 538 electors and 435 of them are the House of Representatives and the 100 of them are the Senators?
7.The Framers favored a bicameral Congress in order that one house might act as a check on the other.
9.Stretches the power given to Congress
10.How many electors are there in an Electoral College?
12.How long is a Senator's term of office?
14.How long is the House of Representative's term of office?

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