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Review- Test # 1

Mrs. Sobers

Complete this puzzle to help study for the test!

1 2    
    7           8    
      13     14                
  15         16
17             18     19      
22               23          

1.Number of oceans in the world
4.The discovery of new information or resources (characteristic of this)
7.The continents of Asia, Europe, and Africa make up this
10.A negative outcome of exploration
11.Christopher Columbus thought he was in Japan when he landed here
13.Physical travel (characteristic of this)
17.Sweet fruit originating in the New World
20.What European explorers were in search of
21.The largest continent
22.Newest ocean
23.A river, bay, and straight are named after him (last name only)
2.The Native American tribe who lived in New York
3.Positive outcome of exploration in the New World
5.Line that splits the world into the northern and southern hemispheres
6.South American explorer who killed the leader of the Aztec Empire
8.A pair of explorers who discovered many new plant and animal life in the United States
9.A reason why explorers risked their lives to explore unknown lands
10.This disease killed millions of Native Americans
12.The acronym we used to define civilization
14.Lines that run East to West OR West to East
15.You argue a point, the other side comes back at you with their argument, and you come back them with this
16.A synonym for exploration
18.Lines that run North to South or South to North
19.Crop, when first introduced in the Old World, caused leprosy (a skin disease)

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