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3   4      
7             8  
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18                   19        
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4.To deliberately fall over when tackled in order to deceive the referee into awarding a free kick.
5.Law requiring at least two defenders to be between an attacker and the goal line when the ball is passed to the attacker.
7.The most severe punishment given by a referee. (2 Words)
9.To replace one player with another.
10.A line of players forming a barrier to block a free kick taken near the penalty area.
11.Doing something, like playing sport or music, as a career or occupation.
12.A white mark in the penalty area from which penalty kicks are taken. (2 Words)
15.To try to score a goal.
16.A foul committed by touching the ball with a hand or an arm.
17.A free kick taken from one of the corners of the pitch. (2 Words)
18.Two periods of 15 minutes each played when a game ends in a draw. (2 Words)
19.The playing field.
20.A player whose main role is to prevent the opposition from scoring.
22.To put the ball back into play after it has crossed the touchline. (2 Words)
23.An instance of kicking or heading the ball into the goal.
1.To kick or head the ball to another player on one's own team.
2.A group of sports clubs that play each other over a period for a championship.
3.The two long boundaries along each side of the pitch.
6.Finish a game with an even score, a tie.
8.Official who runs one of two touchlines and advises the referee. (2 Words)
13.A warning issued to a player for a serious foul, two of which result in a red card and sending off. (2 Words)
14.Player whose role is to stop the ball from entering the goal, and the only player who can handle the ball in play.
15.A player whose role is to score goals.
21.An illegal action punishable by a free kick.

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