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4   5              
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1.The body is dark with white or mixed dark and white hairs.
2.A baby horse or pony still at his mother's side.
4.Cleaning up the mess in the horses stable. (2 Words)
6.The part of a horses mane that grows between its ears.
8.A horse just approaching or just turning one year old.
10.A pair of trousers made specially for horse riding.
12.A male horse under 4 years old.
14.The body ranges from a reddish to a dark brown and its mane, tail and lower legs are black.
15.A person who rides a horse in races.
16.When a horse jumps upwards and arches his back.
18.A female horse under 4 years old.
19.A female horse over 4 years old.
20.A person who prepares a horse for a race or other competition.
22.When a horse moves at 12 kph. Diagonal hooves will hit the ground at the same time
23.A 4 inch unit of length commonly used to measure horses.
24.The entire headpiece, the headstall, bit, chin strap, and reins.
1.A person who takes car of and cleans horses.
3.A male horse over 4 years old.
5.The body is reddish and the mane and tail are not black but the same shade or lighter than the body.
7.A large enclosure to hold a horse.
9.When a horse moves at 100kph, similar to a canter but much faster and the three beats change to four, with all four feet off the ground at the same time.
11.When a horse moves at 6 kph with normally only one foot off the ground at any one time.
13.A horse with a bad temper.
17.When a horse moves at 16 kph in a '3 beat way'.
18.A person who makes shoes for horses.
19.The offspring of a male donkey and a female horse.
21.A person who rides a horse.
25.The mother of the horse.

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