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Hemispheres Level 8 Chapters 10 - 12

Jeff Upward

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5 6       7 8     9      
  10               11   12      
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17   18                   19        
        21       22         23  
      25                 26         27
29 30             31 32              
      35     36 37
  38 39                          
40                   41             42

1.Branson is known as a .............................. because he once tried to fly around the world in a hot-air balloon.
5.Space tourism may create thousands of new ..............
8.Something you can do at the Galaxy Orbit Hotel.
10.At Sunset Beach they provide you with this as well as towels, chairs and sunscreen.
13.Some stressed-out people have this. They don't sleep for days.
14.Stress can lead to this. Even if you sleep, you will still feel tired.
17.When you write a sentence in a different way.
19.Stress can make your muscles feel this. A hot bath can make them loosen up.
21.The name of a space ship building company that builds three-passenger spaceships.
25.makes or becomes bigger.
26.Even now, companies are designing these in space.
29.People involved in developing space tourism believe "help" society in several ways .
32.Something you can do on foot at the Mountain View Hotel.
33.At Sunset Beach, you can do this on their beautiful white sandy beaches.
39.what you think will happen.
40.A stomach can be an "indication" of mild stress. Another effect of stress is a headache.
41.Something you can do at both the Mountain View Lodge and the Galaxy Orbit Hotel.
44.The name of a space tour company that does seven-day space vacations.
46.The name of a spaceship company that flies 69 miles above Earth.
47.not very weak or strong, not very big or small, etc.
48.Richard Branson's space travel company.
2.People that offer to participate in an experiment are called ............................
3.Another word for holiday.
4.Branson's spaceships will be able to carry this number of passengers.
6.A very expensive tourist destination.
7.According to the article, by using the power of our mind, we can block this out
9.At Sunset Beach, you can take one of these special buses into town every hour .
11.a sound or movement that gives information.
12.You can swim next to one of these animals at Sunset Beach.
15.Branson is going to build these.
16.certain; specific.
18.Something you do when you ask or tell someone about a good restaurant.
20.A unchanged sentence that is written by someone.
22.The creation of this chemical increased when Mrs Lowe had the car accident.
23.You need to make a "booking" for a hotel or a restaurant.
24.If you feel stressed all the time, you have this type of stress.
27.very strong.
28.Branson is a multimillionaire ................................
30.Space tourism can show us the "changes" that space has on our bodies.
31.a tool designed to do a special job.
34.A noun that is formed from two words; can be closed, open and hyphenated.
35.The name of the rich and famous hotel owner that wrote a paper on space tourism.
36.Stress sent this to Mrs Lowe's brain.
37.Mrs Lowe saw her son ...................... under her car.
38.At Sunset Beach they offer these classes.
42.Mrs Lowe felt ................ and fear when she was involved in the car accident.
43.Branson's spaceships will be able to carry this number of crew members.
45.not very strong.

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