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Plate Tetonics

Kyle Butt

Plat Tetonics

3         4            
    6     7        
8 9      
  10                   11            
  14   15                    
18                       19                

2.shapes the surface by building up mountains and landmasses (2 Words)
3.a defect or imperfection; flaw; failing
4.the state or quality of being dense
6.the exertion of force upon a surface by an object, fluid, etc., in contact with it
10.the lateral movement of continents resulting from the motion of crustal plates (2 Words)
13.the transfer of heat between two parts of a stationary system, caused by a temperature difference between the parts.
15.a layer of molten metal that surrounds the inner core (2 Words)
16.a ridgid layer
18.the movement of energy from one thing to another (2 Words)
19.the transfer of energy through empty space
20.seven great landmasses surrounded by oceans
1.this slowly wear away mountains and, eventually, evry other feature on the surface (2 Words)
2.a layer of rock that forms Earth's outer skin
5.a rock that has larger crystals than basalt
7.when earthquakes occur they produce this (2 Words)
8.a dense ball of solid metal (2 Words)
9.the transfer of heat by the mass (2 Words)
11.a soft layer
12.scientists who study the forces that make and shape planet earth
14.a dark dense rock with a fine texture
17.a layer of hot rock

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