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    4 5      
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13 14        

2.A ______ ______ is a nornal lamp but does not work with electricity or batteries - it uses the sun's energy.
5.We had a pop ________ for English class today. I got all the answers.
6._________ books enlarges one's world.
9.The novel is based on a ________ story.
10.I _________ you on your success and wish you all te best for your future.
11.The referee blew the ________ whistle.
14.The hotel is the only white building on the road—you can't _______ it.
15.The Google _________ is an online science competition open to students ages 13-18 from around the globe. We're looking for ideas that will change the world.
16.A dog is a ________ animal in the world because the dog is very clever in all the things.
1.Looking for inspiration for a science fair _________?
2.We can get lots of good ideas for science projects from ________ ________.
3.You are so brave. I'm ________ of you!
4.How I would live in the future is more __________.
7._______ did you get all the ideas for the lyrics of the songs?
8.She was ________ enough to be chosen for the team.
12.This information has been classified top _________.
13.She was awarded the Nobel Peace ________.

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