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Tricky Spellings

3   4            
6       7      
    8     9          
10                   11
13       14         15  

2.The part of your body which is between your hand and arm.
3.You use these to cut things.
6.This is an instrument which you play using your hands. It's often made of wood and has strings.
8.An event, usually something large or very important, such as a wedding.
10.A complete failure; Something which ends horribly.
13.To take up space, or to take control of another country (ex. Russian had control of Poland).
16.The study of the Earth - countries, cities, mountains, lakes, etc.
17.Two lines which are next to eachother.
18.Something which you own, ex. your toys, books, electronics.
1.An argument.
2.Something made of a material which comes from sheep.
4.Not guilty (You didn't do it).
5.You don't 'make' a house, you .............. one.
7.( ' ) <-- A grammatical mark used to indicate the omission of a word (don't) and the possessive form (Kate's bag).
9.A formal word which refers to places where you can stay while on holiday, such as a hotel or hostel.
11.Feeling too self-conscious or weird, even a bit stupid, after doing something or being in an uncomfortable situation. Often your face turns red when you feel like this.
12.This is something in your body which can give you strength.
14.This is the study of human behaviour and how our brain works.
15.A reddish vegetable with long green leaves.

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