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"A Thing of Beauty" & "Sorry, Wrong Number" Crossword!

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1.The tone that the Prioress expresses at the end of the play towards the Colonel.
4.Edith Stein is hiding in the convent under this identity.
6.This is the kind of question used by Mrs. Stevenson when she expresses the insulting tone to the 1st Operator.
9.What the Prioress feels at the end of the play (noun).
11.The Colonel says that he is just a " _______________ soldier" doing his job.
12.The name of one of the men involved in the murder in "Sorry, Wrong Number".
14.The Prioress accuses the Colonel of becoming this (adjective).
17.The murder weapon in "Sorry, Wrong Number"
19.According to the Prioress, the Colonel as an 8th Grader had " __________ blue eyes".
20.The meaning of the word "despicable".
2.The Prioress expresses this tone towards her 19 nuns in the concentration camp.
3.Edith Stein is this (noun - person).
5.The Colonel expresses this tone when he says that he will execute the youngest nun first. He does not care about her suffering or her family´s.
7.The Colonel is compared to this kind of bird.
8.An offensive word used by Mrs. Stevenson towards the 1st Operator.
10.Edith Stein is this (adjective - person).
11.The 19 nuns are compared to these kinds of birds.
13."cold- ________________" : an adjective used by Mrs. Stevenson to show how worried and anxious she is about what she overhears on the telephone.
15.An important street in "Sorry, Wrong Number".
16.How the Prioress feels at the end of the play (adjective).
18.Why the subway train is important for the success of the murder in "Sorry, Wrong Number".

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