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Bible Doctrines 1-26

Mr. M

1 2
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3.One area God limits His absolute control. (4-wrds)
6.The Bible contains the Word of God. Truth or false
8.A type of creation.
12.Three of the first nine graces or fruit of the Spirit (3-wrds)
15.The writers of Scripture understood everything they wrote down by inspiration.truth or false
16.Ascribing to God human features such as hands, feet, etc.
18.This means no beginning or no end
20.Name for God that means "All Sufficient One."
25.A name of the Holy Spirit.
26.One of God's natural attribes.
28.God with us.
29.Name for God that means "my Lord" or "my Master."
30.The number of natures Jesus had while on earth.
31.The name of Jesus which emphasizes His deity.
32.The number of days between the resurrection and the ascension of Jesus Christ.
1.Another type of creation
2.This quality classifies God (or man) as a person. (hyphenated word)
4.This part of Bible contains 39 books (2 wrds)
5.One of the 3 steps God uses to discipline His children.
7.God's right to do as He wants.
9.An outstanding Christian that had the gift of languages. (2-wrds)
10.The belief in many gods
11.The doctrine of salvation
13.Doctrine of the church
14.One of the offices of Christ.
19.If the book reveals God's truth, it shows that the book is this.
21.This phrase emphasizes His humanity (3-wrds)
22.If the book changes lives, it shows that the book is this.
23.The Bible is without error throughout.
24.This phrase emphasizes His deity (3-wrds)
27.This is the basis for belief in Creation

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