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Joints Crossword Puzzle

Jessica Card

Use anatomical terminology to identify structural and functional classes of joints and associated structures.

1 2                   3
  7     8            
9       10        
12                 13     14  
16           17                            
  19   20  
23                   24                

2.fibrous joint between distal ends of tibia and fibula
4.full circle movement of the distal end of a part of the body
7.fibrous joint between tooth and alveolar process
10.sac-like extensions of the joint capsule that cushion moving structures
12.decrease in the angle between articulating bones
16.synovial joint in which rounded surface of bone fits into ring formed by second bone and ligament
17.slippery lubricating substance in synovial fluid (2 words)
18.foot moves towards the ceiling
21.overstretched or torn muscles
22.freely movable joint
23.movement of a bone toward the midline
24.fibrocartilage joint
25.synovial joint between ulna and humerus
1.ball and ____________ joint
3.inner portion of articular capsule that secretes synovial fluid (2 words)
5.immovable joint
6.bone revolves around its own longitudinal axis
8.synovial joint that permits gliding movements between flat surfaces of bones
9.movement of a body part anteriorly in the transverse plane
11.hyaline cartilage joint
13.synovial joint between radius and carpal bones
14.joint with little movement
15.movement of the forearm and hand in which the radius and ulna are parallel to each
19.fibrous joint between parietal bones of skull
20.pads of fibrocartilage between bones that stabilize flat joints and circulate synovial fluid
21.synovial joint between carpal and metacarpal of thumb

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