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Mr Simon's Crossword Puzzle of Doom

This shiz be dank, broski. Like, all the 420blazeitquickscopingtrickydankyswagyolo injections couldn't equal the level of dank this crossword will achieve. Supercalifragilistiexpialadoscious isn't enough to describe the dankiness of this mother fuzzing crossword bitch nugget.

1         2        
3 4  
      6 7  
        9       10
11     12                                

1.P = 0
5.Give set of possible outcomes.
11.I - P (A) (A is the complement of event A)
15.Help organise data.
2.Set of all possible outcomes.
3.Replace object before next go.
4.2nd event influenced by the first.
5.More than 1 event.
6.Measure of experimental probability .
7.Events which cannot occur.
8.Describe compounds events with large numbers of outcomes.
9.P (event) x number of trials
10.Show an outcome of event.
12.Numbers from 0 to 1.
13.Success divided by total.
14.P = 1

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