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"Will Robots Create Economic Utopia?" Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

By Ms. Iocco

2           3   4  
      5 6
  9 10                      
14           15                  

2.______________________ are defined as worries or feelings of doubt.
7.______________________ is defined as something that is accepted to be true without proof.
10.______________________ are defined as commo beliefs or stereotypes.
11.______________________ is defined as correctly and quickly done.
12.______________________ is defined as hopeful and confident.
14._______________________ is defined as easy or simple.
15._______________________ is defined as to make up for something.
1.______________________ is defined as mainly, basically, or primarily.
3._______________________ is defined as technology which makes tasks easier by completing them for you.
4.______________________ is defined as a small change.
5.______________________ is defined as getting too hot and breaking from overuse.
6.______________________ is defined as giving to someone else.
8.______________________ is defined as a turnimg point.
9._______________________ is defined as very important to prevent negative things from happening.
13._______________________ is defined as the size or weight of something.

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