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Bones and Structure

Mrs. VH

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5.area where bone growth occurs
7.skeletal division with the skull and ribcage
10.fracture caused by twisting forces
14.the double-layered membrane on the external surface of the bone
15.openings in the periosteum that allow nerves and BV to travel through
16.this is store in bone and released in the bloodstream when needed
17.the structural unit of compact bone
20.this consists of proteoglycans and glcoproteins
22.they run through the core of every osteon
23.bones provide a place for muscles to attach and then act as these
24.main component of inorganic bone
26.space that holds the osteocyte
31.cells that maintain bones
36.sternum, ribs, skull, scapula
38.type of bone that resembles a honeycomb
39.when the bone fragments in 3 or more pieces
40.the end of long bones
41.disorder caused by the lack of calcium deposits, bones are soft and weak
42.bones that are cube shaped
43.each concentric tube in an osteon
44.cells that are mitotic stem cells
45.vertebrae, hip
1.this hematopoietic tissue is found in spongy bones
2.tiny canals that connect the lacunae to each other
3.they run at right angles to the long axis of the bone and connect blood supply between periosteum and central canal
4.disorder caused when bone is deposited randomly and causes spotty weakness
6.the shaft of long bones
8.examples include depressions and projections
9.this process occurs in the marrow cavities
11.cartilage that surrounds the epiphyses of articulating bones
12.fracture in which the ends of bones are out of normal alignment
13.the center of the diaphysis
18.cells that destroy bone
19.bones are considered this level of organization
21.this is stored in the mineralized bone matrix
25.skeletal division with the girdles
27.cells that create bone
28.disorder when bone reabsorption occurs more than the deposition
29.plates of spongy bone
30.this chemical part of bone that contributes to its flexibility and tensile strength
32.fracture in which the bone is broken the entire way through
33.fracture that is at a right angle to the long axis
34.soft and weak bones in kids
35.type of anatomy that examines the surface of bones
37.layer of the periosteum that contains osteoblasts and osteoclasts

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