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Kitchen Tools (Utensils)

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1.You use this when you are drinking.
4.This goes on the top of a pot.
6.What you use to remove the skin from cucumbers.
8.What you do when you slice food with a knife.
9.You use this to hold a hot pot.
10.This works well for turning over bacon or a hamburger.
11.What you put food into when you need to fry or brown meat.
12.This is used for beating eggs.
14.This is used to slice pizza.
16.We eat from this and sometimes mix food with it. It can be small or large.
17.You use this when you are eating.
2.This is good to use when you want to scoop soup or spaghetti sauce.
3.This works well when you need to drain water from the spaghetti.
5.This is used for stirring and has a rubber end.
7.This works well when you want to flatten pizza dough or make cookies.
8.You use this to open cans
9.This is another word for dish.
13.What you use when you want to shred cheese.
15.A deep container that holds food.

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