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1.Okyo is a _____________.
2.Who attempts to control Hedda with the knowledge of the guns? (2 Words)
7.In Six Characters in Search of an Author who sent the mother away to be with the Secretary?
12.What was the profession of Gregor’s father?
14.Who wrote “Separate ways”?
16.Six Characters in Search of an Author is a play within a play, this is an example of what?
18.¬What mask is worn by the mother in Six Characters in Search of an Author?
19.A _____________ is defined as two contrasting characters that highlight certain features.
20.What does Hedda play before shooting herself?
21.Okyo is planning to move away to be a _______.
26.Who was the only one to tolerate Gregor? HINT: She called him a bed bug
27.Who wrote Hedda Gabbler?
30.What does Hedda tempt Eilert with before the party?
35.Where is the fatal wound that kills Eilert?
37.In _____________ the author doesn’t care if it makes sense to the reader.
40.What was Hedda’s father?
42.What color is the envelope the characters ask for?
45.The author insinuates that Hedda is ____________ which makes her death much more sad.
46.Who wrote “The Metamorphosis”?
47.A strict direct representation of reality.
1.In Six Characters in Search of an Author how did the little boy die? (2 Words)
3.Where does kichizo work? (2 Words)
4.The mother’s name in Six Characters in Search of an Author is ___________.
5.Who brings Gregor food in the beginning?
6.Who’s hat does Hedda knowingly insult? (2 Words)
8._____________ is using an indicative word or phrase and hints that sets the stage of the story.
9.Who wrote the play being rehearsed in the beginning of Six Characters in Search of an Author?
10.Who watched the little girl die in Six Characters in Search of an Author? (2 Words)
11.________________ is based on the concept of post-Darwinism Philosophy.
13.“The __________” is an example of Modernism where the main character literally transformed.
15.Who is Kichizo interested in?
17.Where did the little girl die in Six Characters in Search of an Author?
20.What does the tattooer get pleasure in?
22.What was the name of the Tattoo Artist in “The Tattooer”?
23.Hedda’s father left her what that she flaunts by using them to intimidate guests?
24.Anything that is NOT realism
25.What does Gregor sell in “the Metamorphsis”?
28.In Six Characters what mask did the Stepdaughter wear?
29.Hedda keeps her __________ even after she is married.
31.What does the step daughter say the little girl is being in the garden?
32.How old is the little girl?
33.The father wears the mask of ___________.
34.Who was the Father trying to get to appear with the hats and scarves? (2 Words)
35.Thea refers to the manuscript she helped Eilert with as their _________.
36.What does George show Hedda that she couldn’t care less about?
38.Hedda argues to get married because she is getting _____?
39.What was tattooed on the girls’ back in “The Tattooer”
41.Hedda Gabbler’s foil in the story Hedda Gabbler is ____________.
43.What is Kichizo?
44.The Tattoo artist said he put all of his ________ into his masterpiece.

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