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Vocabulary Fun

Nicole Blume

Use the clues to complete the crossword below. All words are from Tompkins Ch.7 or "Doing It Differently: Tips for Teaching Vocabulary"

1           2
3 4 5            
    7             8  
12 13       14                  
15               16 17
      18 19                     20 21   22
26       27   28           29
          31         32      
  35             36          

1.Word that means the opposite
5.Word from surrounding text that provides clues for meaning
6.Words fused together to combine the meaning of both words
7.Words that exaggerate
10.Word that means a big book of words and their definitions
11.Word that comes from another language (usually Latin, Greek, etc.)
13.Words that imitate sounds
15.Word that shows a sequence of three or four words connected to a starting word
19.Words that student have learned on their own, usually through reading
20.Word that students know more than one meaning for and can use in several ways
24.Word that means the same or similar
25.Word that means acting out a word to learn its meaning
28.Word for name of education researcher and teacher who suggests six steps for vocabulary instruction
30.Words with their sounds switched for a humerous effect
31.Word that has an interesting history
33.Words in Tier 2
34.Word that shows a comparison using like or as
35.Word that means the opposite of literal
38.Word that students know one meaning for and can use in a sentence
2.Word that compares two things by implying that one is the other (without using like or as)
3.Word that means joining two or more words together to form a new word
4.Words in Tier 1
7.Word that sounds the same but is spelled differently; frequently confuses students
8.Word for the most common source of English root words
9.Word that means reading on one's own without assistance; also known as sustained silent reading
12.Word that describes a student's increase in learning speed as they learn new vocabulary
14.Words with the same beginning consonant or vowel
16.Words that read the same backward and forward
17.Words that are people's names
18.Words in Tier 3
21.Word that students don't recognize
22.Word that describes all the words a teacher has decided to explicitly teach
23.Word that describes students' interest in learning and using words
26.Words with their sounds switched for a humerous effect
27.Word that students have seen or heard and can pronounce, but do not know the meaning
29.Words made from a combination of two contradictory words to create a paradoxical image
32.Word that means the opposite of figurative
33.that is a bound morpheme added to the begiinning or end of a root wor
36.Word expression that has both figurative and literal meaning
37.Words get posted onto a word _______

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