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Atoms, Molecules, and Statees of Matter

Ms. Fowle

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2.The change is state from a solid to a liquid.
4.Has a definite volume but NO definite shape.
7.Vaporization that takes place only on the surface of a liquid.
8.The amount of space that matter occupies.
9.Whose law states "when the pressure of a gas at a constant temperature is increased, the volume decreases.
14.Definite volume and definite shape.
15.The temperature at which a liquid boils.
20.The particles are moving so slowly that they begin to take a fixed position.
21.In Boyle's law, when pressure is increased, what happens to the volume?
1.Whose law states "when the temperature of a gas at a constant pressure is increased, the volume increases.
3.NO definite volume or shape.
5.When a graph of two variables is a straight line passing through the origin, the variables are this.
6.This occurs on the mirror when you take a hot shower.
9.Vaporization that takes place both on the surface and below the surface.
10.When a liquid changes to a gas, it is called this.
11.On a graph, when the pressure decreases and the volume increases. It shows this.
12.A solid where the particles form a regular, repeating pattern.
13.During this, particles of a solid do not pass through the liquid state as they form gas.
16.In Charles's law, when the pressure decreased, the volume does this.
17.A measure of the average energy of motion of the particles of a substance.
18.A solid where the particles are NOT in a regular pattern.
19.Force divided by area.

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