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Discovering Canada: Our Early Explorers

R. Carenza

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1.To prevent access or passageway to an area of importance
4.The Europeans tried to establish this commercial sea route around the west and north of the American continents
5.Warriors from Scandinavia who raided colonised, and traded with Europe and North America between 800 and 1050
9.A light sailing ship that was developed by the Portuguese in the late 1400s
10.A place where people create a new community by building homes and businesses
12.The Western Hemisphere of the earth as originally named by the Explorers
13.A group of people who settle far from home but maintain ties with their homeland
14.An individual or group having partial Aboriginal ancestry
15.A new finding
1.To trade or exchange goods or services for other goods without the use of money.
2.A term used in a general manner to refer to first Nations peoples, Inuit and Metis
3.The term used to refer to the original inhabitants of Canada
6.A route used by travelling trade merchants
7.A land bridge roughly 1600 km across which is believed to have joined Alaska and Russia. It is believed that humans migrated from Asia to America over this bridge
8.A method used to accurately determine points and lines of directions on the earth's surface
11.A group of people that explore a geographic area

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